Financial Highlights
Current Assets ($000)
Cash and Cash Equivalents 19,947
Restricted Cash 0
Current Investments 14,859
Accounts Receivable 22,759
Current Inventories 0
Deferred Taxes, Current 0
Other Current Assets 7,696
Current Assets 65,261
Property, Plant and Equipment ($000)
Network-Related Property, Plant & Equipment 769,705
Other PP&E in Service, Gross 78,135
PP&E in Service, Gross 847,840
Total Accumulated Depreciation 310,195
Net PP&E 537,645
Other Assets ($000)
Noncurrent Investments 1,521
Goodwill 125,636
Licenses and Franchises 0
Other Intangibles 20,540
Total Intangible Assets 146,176
Deferred Taxes, Noncurrent 0
Total Other Assets 6,545
Total Assets 757,148
Current Liabilities ($000)
Short-term Debt 0
Current Portion of Long-term Debt 13,525
Short-term and Current Long-term Debt 13,525
Accrued Compensation 1,375
Income Taxes Payable 0
Other Accounts Payable and Accrued Expense 21,239
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expense 22,614
Deferred Revenue, Current 15,144
Deferred Taxes, Current 0
Other Current Liabilities 0
Current Liabilities 51,283
Other Liabilities ($000)
Non-current Long-term Debt 452,683
Deferred Revenue, Noncurrent 0
Deferred Taxes, Noncurrent 92,134
Total Other Liabilities 23,077
Total Liabilities 619,177
Mezzanine ($000)
Total Mezzanine Level Items 0
Equity ($000)
Total Preferred Equity 0
Common Equity 137,052
Equity Attributable to Parent Company 137,052
Noncontrolling Interests 919
Total Equity 137,971
Shares Issued(actual) 24,058,000
Treasury Shares(actual) 126,000
Common Shares Outstanding(actual) 23,932,000
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