Financial Highlights
Operating Revenue ($000)
Voice Revenue: Fixed Line 9,707
Data Revenue: Fixed Line & Satellite 45,209
Voice & Data Revenue: Fixed Line & Satellite 54,916
Wireless Revenue: Voice & Data 0
Video and Radio Revenue 0
Communications Service Revenue 54,916
Merchandise and Equipment Sales 0
Content Revenue NA
Other Operating Revenue NA
Operating Revenue, Net 54,916
Operating Expenses ($000)
Cost of Service 10,419
Other Cost of Revenue 0
Cost of Revenue 10,419
Operating SG&A Expense 30,668
Operating DD&A 14,992
Other Operating Expense 400
Total Operating Expenses 56,479
Net Operating Income (1,563)
Reported Net Operating Income (1,588)
Other Income/Expenses ($000)
Interest Income 0
Interest Expense 7,393
Interest Expense, Net of Interest Income 7,393
Partnership Income 0
Realized and Unrealized Gains on Securities 0
Gain on Sale of Assets 0
Nonrecurring Loss on Early Retirement of Debt 0
Provision for Restructuring and Asset Writedowns 25
Other Non-Operating Income, Net 623
Other Income (6,795)
Net Income ($000)
Net Income before Taxes (8,358)
Provision for Taxes (3,074)
Min Int & Oth after-tax Items 0
Net Income before Extra (5,284)
Discontinued Operations 0
Change in Accounting Principles 0
Other Extraordinary Items 0
Extraordinary Items 0
Net Income (5,284)
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int 33
Net Income Attributable to Parent (5,317)
Net Income for Basic EPS (5,317)
Net Income for Diluted EPS (5,317)
Per Share Information
Basic EPS before Extra($) (0.24)
Basic EPS after Extra($) (0.24)
Avg Basic Shares Out(actual) 22,617,000
Diluted EPS before Extra($) (0.24)
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary($) (0.24)
Avg Diluted Shares(actual) 22,617,000
Common Dividends Declared per Share($) 0
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